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Creating Communities based around Nature

One of our main aims is to connect communities to nature. We achieve this by physically creating places of nature, where people want to be, and facilitate the formation of a community around it. This creates a place of sustainable education, creativity and wonder, often in places where community is practically non-existent and really needed.


We have recently worked with Bristol City Council to renovate an abandoned Victorian horse-stables into a nature-based workshop space, as well as jointly renovating an abandoned Victorian walled garden into a thriving community garden with bee apiary and organic vegetable production.  


A once abandoned area full of rubbish and crime, is now a thriving community, servings thousands of people. The buildings are no longer falling down, and the council even receives rent for the use of the buildings, putting even more back into the local community. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Bee the change believe that businesses need to be on board if we are going to tackle this bee crisis. We work with business large and small to bring about positive change for people and the pollinators, whether its a roof garden on the head quarters building, or a beehive in amongst a housing development.


In October 2018, we placed a beehive at Finzels reach Development for local residents, and this area is now a no pesticide zone. Signs around the hive give information about the bees and what residents can do to help them, and bait boxes have been placed around the site to allow swarms to more quickly find a new home. 

School Beehives and Bee Club

Bee the Change are able to set up beehives on school grounds, and run bespoke workshops and bee clubs. We can also spend time with the teachers over the course of the year, to teach how to nurture a honeybee colony.

School teacher at Hannah More Primary School where we have recently installed bees: “One of our students, sits and watches the bees all lunchtime. I ask him if he wants to come and play in the playground, and he just tells me that he is staying with the bees.”

Please get in touch if you may be interested…

Community Beehives

As part of Bristol Green Capital, Bee the Change has set up beehives around Bristol which can be communally nurtured and looked after. We currently have one at Grow Bristol and three at our Bee Garden at Blaise Community Garden

Get in touch if you would like to help look after one of these hives.

Educational Talks & Workshops

Bee the Change give educational talks, workshops and demonstrations at schools, universities and organisations interested in bees.

Our most popular, is a two-hour session, detailing the exciting stories and natural history of the honeybee, in a fun and interactive way. We begin with an introductory talk about honeybees, and invite the children to role-play with bee related outfits including bee suits. We then run four workshops – hand honey harvesting, wax modelling, bee hotel making with mud (for solitary bee homes around the school) and drawing save the bees posters for a take home message. Everyone gets a go. We run a bee quiz at the end to see what the children have remembered, and have a reflective session at the end to see what everyone liked and why, for confidence building and self-expression.

The children as a class get to keep their jar of honey that they squeezed themselves – if they didn’t eat it all that is!

Planting Bee Habitat

Bee the Change plant bee gardens for bee forage and habitat, making bee sanctuaries to try and ensure there is enough food for our pollinators.  


We have planted up a half acre plot at Ruskin Mill College for example, with year round nectar supply, bee mosaics, bee hotel and bumble bee nests.

Bee the Change are based at Blaise Community Garden, where there has been bountiful planting, including wildflower meadow, and three gorgeous bee hives. 

Swarm Collection and Relocation to Beekeepers

Please give us a call if you have a swarm of honeybees and live in Bristol or the surrounding area, and we will come and collect it for free.


Call Heather on 07988687515


We can also remove and re-home established colonies once quoted. 

Want to start beekeeping? Get in touch if you would like to receive a swarm of honeybees....

Training Courses


Bee the Change run group courses on balanced beekeeping - please get in touch if you are interested, or click on courses to see when the next one is.

At the end of the course, I felt like I had been on holiday! Totally relaxed, inspired and excited at the prospect of not only having bees in the Community Garden, but also in my garden at home. My heart was warmed by the dedication that Tim and Heather have in trying to improve the welfare of bees, which is so important to our survival.


Christine Carroll, Blaise Community Garden Founder

Beekeeping Mentoring

If you would like to start keeping bees, but you are a little hesitant to do it alone, Bee the Change can provide a mentoring service. We can provide everything you need (hive, bees, equipment etc) as well as visits to get you going and happy. With this service, we will also always be at the end of the phone for any advise.

Bee Babysitting

If you are going away on holiday, travelling etc, Bee the Change can look after your bees and make sure they are happy and cared for.

Artistic Collaboration

We love to get the message out about the need to protect our bees and planet in as many forms as possible – art, music and media being great avenues.

We recently worked with Debbie Smyth to create a thread-art installation of a beehive, at Shambala music Festival.

Adopt a Beehive

Do you know someone who might like to have a beehive adopted for them?! Or perhaps for you?! 


Bee the Change runs an adopt a beehive scheme, which supports us looking after the hives in a sustainable, healthy and nurturing way. 

Bee the Change is currently working out in Europe, and an online certificate of appreciation, with the desired name, can be emailed out to you / to whom you wish the adoption to be for. 

This is £25 and you can pay via Paypal.

Please contact us  once you have paid, with the name of the person you want on the certificate and postal address of where you would like the package to be sent.