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Heather Moore

Bee Enthusiast & Director

Heather studied Biology at the University of Sussex, and specialised in honeybees – publishing original research in the Journal of Experimental Biology on queen bee reproduction. She then went out to Kenya with the BBC to make the documentary, Queen of the Savannah, detailing how African bees are being used to help defend crops against migrating elephants. This trip showed her how honeybees could be used for real social change, and so inspired her to start the project. 

Heather and Tim visited natural beekeepers around Europe in order to research the very best methods of beekeeping for the health of the bees, and the most suitable hives. This was part of the Winston Churchill Travel fellowship, and the blog can be read here. They were particularly inspired by the Polish Tree Beekeeping, which they are working towards bringing back to the UK. 

Timmy Rogers

All Round Maker & Director

Sara Venn

Community Gardener & Director

Dr Paul Craze

Evolutionary Ecologist & Director