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Bee the Change is a pollinator conservation not-for-profit based in Bristol.

We work to halt the pollination crisis by:

Forming and connecting communities to nature

Growing bee habitat for forage and nesting

Education in schools, business and community

Working with organisations to enact positive change for pollinators and people 

Bee the Change believes that we should guardian honeybees with respect and with priority for their health and abundance, rather than farmed via conventional beekeeping practises – exploited for honey and their ‘services’ to profit people.  We believe that communities deserve the right to know what’s in our  food, how it’s grown, and how it affects the environment we live in, as well as our own health.

We do this by re-shaping what we think of as ‘bee-keeping’ – turning it around to a more bee-centric form, and bringing people together to learn about what can be done to improve the environment and our own health. We aim to bring a political, social and environmental consciousness into honeybee stewardship and wildlife conservation.

By understanding why bees are suffering, and how they can be helped, the hope is that people can begin to have a wider appreciation of the environment around us, and move towards a more sustainable way of interacting with it. If you can see the bees in your local park are starving due to a lack of flowers – you might plant more flowers. If you can understand that the bees in your local school are suffering from pesticides sprayed on a nearby field – you might think twice about buying food grown with chemicals. This is our hope.

We work holistically towards these goals by providing educational bee workshops, set up community beehives in public spaces and schools, create bee habitat, run sustainable beekeeping courses, and endeavour to change unsustainable policies for the better – to name a few ways.  We are endeavouring to re-shape conventional and harmful beekeeping to a form which is more natural and respectful  of the bees – natural beekeeping.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in any of the work we do, or if you wish to or feel you can help us achieve these goals in any way. www.beethechangeproject.org

We also collect honeybee swarms for free! If you think you have a swarm of honeybees, please call us on 07988687515 and we will come over as soon as we can!

Bee Garden, Ruskin Mill, 2015