"Seeing the bees swarm, was one of the highlights of my professional career" 


                                                                     Headmistress, Hannah More Primary


Healing the natural world,

for pollinators, people and planet

We believe that we should guardian honeybees with respect and with priority for their health and abundance, rather than farmed via conventional beekeeping practises – exploited for honey and their ‘services’ to profit people.
We do this by re-shaping what we think of as ‘bee-keeping’ – turning it around to a more bee-centric form, and bringing people together to learn about what can be done to improve the environment and our own health. We aim to bring a political, social and environmental consciousness into honeybee stewardship and wildlife conservation.

Our bees need you! Anything you're able to donate is greatly appreciated.

Bee the Change is a not-for-profit CIC, tackling the pollination crisis by connecting communities to nature through bee conservation. Creating nature-based communities, for the conservation of bees.  


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